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Need help with Wrye Bash


I have posted this question a few times and can not get any replies so I figured I would try one more time. I can't see any issues jumping out at me on the install and am wondering if someone has a starting point.



What does "File must be selected from Oblivion Data Files dierectory" Mean? I am trying to follow these steps and I get it after clicking "Open" at step #5

1. Load Wrye Bash (if you did not included this program in MO now is the time; check the Prerequisites Page on how to do that)
2. Find Blowing in the Wind - CLARALUX Patch.esp in the load order and click on it
On the right pane under "description" you will see "Masters" section
3. Right Click on the "File" under Masters Section and click "Allow Edit" then [OK]
4. Right Click then on the Blowing in the Wind.esp and click "Change to..."
5. In the window that appears find "LECM Merged.esp" and then click "Open"
6. After this click the "Save" button that is under the Masters Section.
Exit Wrye Bash

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When I Right click on Blowing in the wind.esp, Choose "change to", Go to my MOs mods folder, choose LECM Merged folder, highlight LECM Merged.esp, click open. Than I get that message

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