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Invisible Chickens - Texture Issue



I'd been having an issue with all the chickens being invisible, which I eventually narrowed down to some textures in the STEP Compilation Installer (Normal Res). Disabling these textures (using MO to 'hide' them) fixed the problem, allowing the ones from High Quality Food and Ingredients to take over. Part of what alerted me to the location of the problem was this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimrequiem/comments/4uhmnt/invisible_entities/


The chickens appear as two extremely small floating dots that move around; I'm pretty sure it's the eyes.


This is mostly in case no one is aware of the issue and/or it needs fixing in the compilation installer.

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Confirmed the issue.


The exact issue is that the chicken.dds file is a normal and not diffuse texture as it should be. I've looked into Bellyaches and the files are correct so something must of gotten mixed up along the lines when putting the Compilation together. It will be fixed in the next release of those files (which will be soon).

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