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Random Freeze - Various Locations, Various Actions.



Here is my Load Order: https://pastebin.com/y6kjyQAz

I have Crash Fixes, ENB Boost and I have made sure that everything is set up correctly in terms of ini and pref files. 

Hardware: Intel Core i7-6700k, SSD, 16gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb. 


My problem is that at seemingly completely random moments the game will freeze, sound continues but everything just stops. It has happened in the wild, just walking, browsing a merchant, running in a city (Solitude and Riften), sneaking in a dungeon, etc.


I read on these forums that it is most likely related to scripts, so any help identifying the culprit (I assume one or more of the mods) would be appreciated. If there is anything else I can tell that would be helpful just let me know, I'll be reloading the forums like a madman. ;) 

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