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Error when installing certain mods via external installer on MO



When installing certain mods such as A Quality World Map, Deadly Dragons, and, most recently, Campfire 1.9 and Frostfall 3.2, I get the infamous error, "Unable to obtain public key for StrongNameKeyPair." My Mod Organizer ini and the log from the attempted Campfire 1.9 installation are linked below.




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Hey @Onichu, welcome to STEP and thank you for your files.


Did the actual mod get installed, although you received no notification, or is it a completely broken installation? The logs show everything happening with one exception, the line:

12:10:21 [D] Installation successful

Additionally as per my update on the Frostfall comments page, is your system Win7, 7 updated to 10, or a fresh Windows 10 system?

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I am using Windows 7.


I suppose I should start by saying that I install mods by downloading them manually, copying and pasting them to MO's "downloads" folder, then going to the Downloads tab in the program itself and hitting Install.


Whenever I click Install on any of the aforementioned mods, the "Running External Installer" notification pops up for a little while, followed IMMEDIATELY by the error message. No installation menus show up at all.

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Now it looks like we're getting somewhere. I have .NET Framework 3.5.1 installed and enabled, but it looks like I need .NET Framework 4 for the installer to work.


Edit: When I tried downloading and installing the latest .NET Framework, my computer said it was already installed.


That said, I think the problem is that when I last installed MO, I decided to not include the NCC plugin, since I didn't think I would ever use it! Let me try installing MO again and make sure I install that plugin in the process!

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Okay, so that was a no-go: I evidently did have NCC installed. Something else that may be of interest is that when I try executing NexusClientCLI.exe in the NCC folder, I get a message saying, "no game specified".

Don't try and run that executable as is, it is a secondary executable that is called from MO and MO will pass on the correct game details itself.


This particular error message is one of the more obscure and hence more difficult to fix so please don't get your hopes up too high. We know where it comes from and theoretically where the fix should go but it doesn't always apply in every system.


If you don't mind trying something, @Tannin applied a fix that may be specific to MO version 2 or it may also work for 1.3.11. Grab that zip file and extract it, overwriting everything in the installation with the same name. It seems to work for MO2, maybe it will also be backward compatible.

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Well, I have found that that fix is not backward compatible. As such, I have opted to try out the latest beta. . . and it WORKS! Campfire 1.9 and Frostfall 3.2 were installed without a hitch!


On a side note however, with the latest beta (2.0.7), MO states the following problem:

"The following plugins could not be loaded. The reason may be missing dependencies (i.e. python) or an outdated version:

  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/bsaExtractor.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/checkFNIS.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/diagnoseBasic.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/gameFallout3.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/gameFalloutNV.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/gameOblivion.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/gameSkyrim.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/installerBAIN.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/installerBundle.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/installerFomod.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/installerManual.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/installerNCC.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/installerQuick.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/NMMImport.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/previewBase.dll
  • C:/Users/Scott/Desktop/Mod Organizer/plugins/proxyPython.dll "


Any thoughts on that, while we're at it?

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You installed the MO2 on top of the existing installation and those are ver 1.3.11 related files that MO is trying to load.

Either perform a fresh, clean install of MO2 and migrate your existing mods over to that or simply delete those files in your current installation.


I'm glad you now have a carefree install. Keep in mind MO2 is a working beta release and since @Tannin has now been employed as Nexus' new head of NMM development, it will likely stay in beta stage forever.

This will mean in the future NMM will be the new MO and possibly the de facto manager for everyone.

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Yes, I am perfectly aware of that, and it will most likely be Tannin's version of NMM that I will be using for my mods once I start a particular Skyrim playthrough that I've been planning for a good long while, since I am currently working on an Oblivion playthrough that will tie directly into the Skyrim one.


Still, it is good to finally get this problem resolved once and for all! Thanks for the help!

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