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Colored Skeletons and HDT issues



First post in troubleshooting, so bare with me
Also, sorry for my English :)
I made a fresh install of Skyrim, following the S.T.E.P guide (https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:Guide) using M.O, but I didn't install all the mods, most of them though, and added some other ones.
Steps I made to install:
-From 1.A to 2.C exactly as the guide
-Started choosing which mods I wanted (I took in consideration that mods have prequisites, so I didn't install a mod that required another mod that I wasn't going to install)
-Installed STEP Compilation Normal Res and Better Shaped Weapons (FNIS was installed previously as I already had it downloaded)
-Activated all mods, ran LOOT (Added the Meta Rule instructions for ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp and RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp as the other 2 mods weren't installed)
-Created the Bashed Patch and activated it.
Then I ran Skse through M.O, started a New game, and this happened (Sorry for cellphone pictures)
(Had to use links, pics were 1.5mb each, again, sorry)
Also, It CTD'd when maximazing 2 times, the third one it black screened for 30~ seconds and opened the game
It also CTD'd the 4th time when teleported to Breezehome from Alternate Start cell after sleeping in the bed.

I noticed that HDT physics are not working (Batch builded CBBE HDT body but breast physics only work when jumping, butt physics non existent)
Mod list:













Thank you for your time and let me know if you need anything else.


Edit: Mod list, 3rd picture, mod 107 is "STEP Bashed Patch", I did a bad job cropping the picture.

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Hi Akatosh, thanks for the fast reply


I modified the "bShowMarkers=1" line to 0 and run BethINI, no more "Colored Skeletons" (Actually, what are those? As you can probably tell, I'm a complete noob)


Breasts and butt physics are still seen only when jumping, I remember that HDT also applied them to running and walking, and they still jiggled a bit when you stopped movement, any idea what might be causing that?

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Those are actually idle/animation and other markers that are used to make NPCs do certain tasks among making the game do specific things. They mean nothing to normal players. You basically just got a look at the building blocks of the game.


As for HDT, I've never used it so I can't be of any help to you there.

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Yeah, I kinda thought about "Certain points were NPCs stop and talk among eachothers or react to the environment (Chairs, beds, leaning on a pole)"


Last question, should I make another thread about the HDT issue and mark this one as solved or stay in this one with the HDT issue?

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Edit2: "Colored Skeletons" Issue fixed


In your Skyrim.ini, find "bShowMarkers=1" and set it to "0" or delete the line. I don't know why this would have been turned on unless you copied over someone's INIs because the default is "0". There are likely other issues. I would recommend you running BethINI.

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