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Checking download size



  How many of you double check the size of your downloads with What Nexus states? I have noticed that sometimes the File that I downloaded will be 100kb smaller that what is on Nexus, these ones I know the download got interrupted so I will re-download the file and all will be good. Other times when I download a file it might be 1kb bigger or smaller than what is stated on Nexus. I just downloaded a file that on the Nexus is said to be 20671kb, but I keep getting 20670kb. At what point do you worry about The files size you download ompared to what is stated on the Nexus?

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TBH I've never really worried too much. Obviously if the filesizes are very different, ie. 100Kb or more, then I'd check what went wrong. For size differences of 1Kb or similar I'd put that down to rounding differences in whichever software code is providing the filesize. I haven't checked bu tit may be possible that Nexus displays the filesize of the uploaded version and the one that you get may be from a server in the CDN that is slightly older and smaller. The CDN only propagates new files to ALL servers when there is a different version number or filename and not all mods follow those standards, ie. the newer file may be to fix a very minor issue and the author deemed it unnecessary to change the version.

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