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Black lines around Fire.!!



Hi, I know this has been around for a while.


Whenever I look in a source of fire, or I have a spell in my hand I can see black lines around objects or my hands. Annoying as it is really immersion breaking. I am currently installing Skyrim fresh and have no mods at all. Also my Antial. is set to 4, it was said to fix the problem but it has not. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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Why does this happen? Does this also happen on ever other alpha effect in the game? What about foliage, steam, smoke, splashes ect? Is this possible only on textures with completely black backgrounds before they are flattened and an alpha mask then applied? So I'm saying if you give fire a yellow/grey background (depending if it's a colour/greyscale texture) instead of the black background they usually give it, would that help? Or is this a shader problem or something?


Am I making sense here at all?

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