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  1. I already had the 1.7 files downloaded and assembled so I used the 1.8 updater and let it overwrite. I you have not downloaded 1.7 yet and you want to use 1.8 just download the 1.8 files and not the 1.8 updater.
  2. For those of you using Win 10 1703 & up that have experienced random CTD's that don't have any apparent cause: I suggest that you disconnect any external drives and thumb drives that are connected via USB, also remove any disks from your optical disk drive, while gaming. Microsoft has changed some of the ways it touches/handles removable drives in a way that appears to lead to a CTD if it happens while you are in game.
  3. 90 C is too hot, you need a better cooling solution. Your processor is likely throttling which will lead to longer run times for DynDOLOD. Running sustained at 90 C will eventually degrade your processor. You could try generating LOD for only one world at a time but keep an eye on the temps. What CPU do you have?
  4. IIRC you can only have 4 shadow casting light sources with in a given radius.
  5. You may want to up date 7-Zip ASAP, see article: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3252031/microsoft-windows/multiple-vulnerabilities-in-7-zip-get-it-updated-now.html
  6. Shortcut to forum for more info: https://enbseries.enbdev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5705
  7. Step 1.B. - Did you initialize the game?
  8. The latest version is available https://skse.silverlock.org/
  9. If you are using a dll plugin loader for anything in your game, disable those plugins (hide them so they don't start) and see if your game will start.
  10. To follow up I checked Windows Event Viewer and it looks like we probably can blame this failure on Win10 1703. At about the time TexGen froze, a number of other processes also failed because they "timed out", including a Windows Defender update. What it looks like happened is that Windows updated the system time at that point. It only changed a few seconds but the weird thing is the time stamp on the event entry shows like it happened exactly 5 hours earlier. This could be because it timed out also, maybe due to lack of processor availability and fell back on GMT briefly, maybe only milliseconds, but enough to cause processes to think they had timed out and therefore they failed. That's my best guess.
  11. TexGen froze about 27 seconds in to the run, in processing 3 and had advanced to combining beehivelod.dds. That was the last thing on screen (I know because I watched for about 20 minutes for any signs of life). I had to control alt delete out and it does not appear to have written anything to disk, which may have been the problem. My guess would be a race condition with all 8 threads at 100% according to HWMonitor. Sorry. Skyrim SE is on a different computer from Skyrim and is on its own SSD (1 Tb), my OS's are on a different SSD (512 Gb). There is a lot of free space on both SSD's as my downloads and backed up mods and saves are on a separate hard drive.
  12. I had already done a clean uninstall from Wrye Bash following the SSE and Main manuals instructions on that previous run, so I went ahead and deleted everything in my Games(F:)/Tools/DynDOLOD folder and reinstalled. That solved the problem with one hiccup. TexGen would not complete on the first attempt. So I closed ALL other programs (Firefox, Wrye Bash, Steam), rebooted and ran TexGen from the -sse shortcut in the DynDOLOD folder, installed TexGen_Output to WB and repeated the close out, reboot and ran DynDOLOD from its -sse shortcut and installed to WB. Thank you Sheson, it all looks good in game, I guess the next thing is to attempt to learn to generate 3d lod.
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