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Asking for Better Dynamic Snow, but is not in the guide.



Hey guys,


I started this guide recently since i had to redo everything for win10 anyways, so i wiped my Skyrim and thought i give STEP a go since its so popular.


First off, its every bit as amazing as people said it was and i managed to learn a thing or 2 from MO and mods in general that i had failed to pickup over time, so major tnx for that.


Now as for the topic itself, i had some issues with .esp files asking for the better dynamic snow Mod not sure if it was ever included in the guide either, but atm if you blindly follow the SRLE guide you cant run the game because its missing that mod.


The issue seems to be caused directly by the way No Snow Under The Roof is configured, and for it to work properly you need to uncheck compatibility patches -> Better Dynamic Snow in the fomod installer.


Unless i missed some annotation (don't think i did) further down the guide, or it got lost in edits, the issue is not dealt with in the guide itself to my knowledge.


I think there where 1 or 2 more mods that have patches for BDS included in the guides fomod instructions, one of them being "Ruffled Feather - mod collection" cant quite recall them all and im not sure if these cause issues in game but they dont seem to add a dependcy on a .esp that isnt there witch NSUTR does seem to do.


Cheers and thx again for this amazing guide.


PS: did do a forum search before posting, dint find anything related, so incase this was mentioned else where sorry for the double information.

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The link took me to Animated Clutter so that's where all my confusion is comming from, as turns out having window open in 1/2 of screen does matter! But I see it now. Thank you for fast reply. Gonna reinstall the mod asap!

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