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MOhidden question

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During the process of setting up SRLE, there were a lot of times where it says "only install ABC" or "don't install XYZ". I use Mod Organizer and there was never a point where it let me choose which files to install and which ones not to, it just installed everything. So I would follow the instructions to not install XYZ by going into the file tree afterwards and hiding the files that don't need to be installed.


My question isn't really to do with any problem I found with my setup of SRLE as everything runs fine now (Thanks to everyone in the support forum!). I'm just really really curious and I don't know where else to ask this.


How is an MOhidden file different from a file that was never installed? How was I supposed to not install those files in the first place as MO never gave me that option?

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For the purposes of the game, there is no difference.


Hiding the file makes it hidden from the game; Skyrim only draws on assets that the game requests. The file is still there, but with a different extension it isn't recognized by the game.


Not installing the files when you install the mod requires you to click on the option that I think is called "manual install" when the dialogue window with the mod name appears. This will come up with a new window where you can then move files around and such (you would recognize this window from some mods that you installed anyway). The window in question is the one where you have to specify the Data directory.


Another alternative is to delete the files afterword instead of hiding them. Basically the only difference between deleting (or not installing) the files and hiding them is disk space. Of course, when you hide the files you can always unhide them later, but that would run counter to the intent of hiding them in the first place. :-P

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