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Question on permanent Buffs/Debuffs



Hi all,


searched for an Answer everywhere and finally thought (and hoped) that the STEP Community could give me an Answer on this little Problem here :


In Skyrim, when you open your personal Overview there is a Tab for magic Effects - temporary and permanent Buffs/Debuffs that affect your Character.


Stuff like Frost Resistance because you are a Nord or a current Disease as you received an Illness for Example.


Now I recognized two Things : I got a "well rested" Buff because I slept in my Home (Breezehome) in my own Bed. So far so good. But then I realized the Buff is permanent while it should be counting down (default is 8 Hour Buff on learning Skills quicker when being well rested)


So two Questions now : While being a positive Buff I want to get rid of it. Or best turning it into the Buff with the 8 Hour Counter as it should be.




I haven't played Skyrim in a couple of Years, so I do not know if there was a Change made to the Game that affects the Buff/Debuff System.




I got these Mods installed that I think COULD have an Impact on the ingame Buffs or Beds in some Way.


Campfire (not sure not much Experience with it)

Hunterborn (also not sure no Experience)

JK's Whiterun (unlikely)

Amazing Follower Tweaks (unlikely)

The Ruffled Feather (unlikely)


the Rest are all just graphical Mods (Textures, RealVision ENB, ELFX)




So any Idea where this could come from ?

And if no Idea where this comes from how to reset it to the normal well rested Counter ?


Or is this how it is supposed to be ?




I know it is a minor Thing and in the End it is even "positive" but I like to not make my Game too easy and don't want to feel like cheating/exploiting (stupid as it is offline Game I know ^^)




thanks in Advance for all possible Help !




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