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Well, this happened when i started a new game choose erik the slayer new life appeared in the in and wanted to trade items with him.I first got his iron sword that he had equipped then i wanted the shield as well which wasnt equipped at that time but when i got the equipped iron sword , the shield became equipped instead and when i tried to get the newly equipped(by erik) shield : CTD


Im not really sure how to make skyrim create crash reports but when i tried doing this in skyrim.ini:


No log folders were created at all?
So have anyone experienced this before?
And can someone tell me how to make skyrim create crash logs?
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Oh you poor sweet summer child :ermm:


Skyrim doesn't have crash logs. What you enabled is a papyrus log, which is almost entirely ineffective at diagnosing a crash. (the papyrus log can be found in documents\my games\skyrim\logs\scripts, but seriously, it's not helpful unless you understand scripts pretty well).


What might help you is figuring out which mods are editing that shield and/or erik's inventory, and troubleshooting down that road.

I've got some guidelines for doing that here: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/wiki/troubleshooting_guide which you may find helpful.

Crash fixes is also remarkably helpful: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725/? for some crashes it tells you what the problem is when you crash, or prevents the crash altogether, which can be surprisingly useful. It may not be able to do anything in this case though.

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