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After SRLE Extended

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Thank you neovalen, darth mathias, darkladylexy, the step community and paul too!(thanks for relentlessly answering my stupid questions man i really appreciate it!)


I am now able to run my beatufiul SRLE:E without too mant troubles(Just some random lag for some reason that i do not understand why, even without ENB enabled)

Well you might notice my other post that i just posted before this abot skyui but this one is irrevelant to that so thats why this is a new post.


Now my question is probably the biggest question for everyone who have finished both guides and want more mods!I will give some examples to be basic.


Immersive weapons : 


One scary thought is that the CR can get out of hand quickly with mods that maybe one or two people want but not a majority. I think you can add mods that don't conflict with other as freely as you want because we can choose to leave them out, but mods that conflict you should really put thought behind before including them. One mod that comes to mind is immersive weapons. I know it is a popular mod but to me adds a lot of unneeded weapons to the game. I know keeping multiple CR patches is a lot of work but maybe you can have one for weapon/(and maybe)armor, one for followers, ect. Just an idea not sure what you will think about it.


I couldn't wait to get home from work to see what you have added today. I have to say you and your wife have put a lot of effort into this guide (wow it looks almost twice as long today) and in my opinion is only outdone by Neo's guide (we all know his guide is #1). It is also very nice of you to accept every ones input.

''I really dont want to get into having multipule Conflict Resoultions, as for immserive weapons I agree some but not all people may not want it us it so what I might do is get lexy to remove the dependancy to it and only offer the CR without it in future (all the CR does it is give the weapons from IW to NPC's anyway) when a mods majorly conflcit within the guide I will take a straw poll to see if it should be included or not.


thanks yes I always consider Neo's guide Number 1 and i have used it for about 18 months now ever since i switched to pc from my xbox 360 I have use the actaul steps before but when I first found Neo's and use that. That was it I don't use anything else but we know Neo's could do with a liitle furthur improvemnet don't we.''


Does this mean i can use the mod without issues or not lol sorry im confused about it.I like jaysus swords too but i read in a lot of places that both of these mods can work together but i just wanted to be sure if it will conflict with the CR for both SRLE and SRLE-E.


Another question that comes to my mind is deleting some base SRLE/SRLE-E mods that i feel unnecessary.


For example the 360 animation mod since it might have some bugs with any first person view mods.


When i delete these mods and run the FNIS/bashed patched etc. will it also cause other problems that i might not be aware of and should simply stick with the base of both builds?


Again i thank everyone for spending their precious time for these guides and i am sorry for my inexperienced questions but hopefully i think i am getting the basic knowladge out of it.

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you can delete any mod you want just make sure that the mod isn't need by either CR or by another mod requiring it as a master.


You can install immersive weapons if you want there sme conflcits cause it used to part of my CR (but i don't remember now what they were sorry).

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Immersive Weapons modifies a bunch of NPC records (it adds its weapons to them). You will need some CR if you want those changes in your game. 


If you don't care about that you can probably get away with just loading it really early in your load order (before other mods modify NPCs).


You will also need some compatibility patches for MLU, WAA, RoTE, probably others.

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Nah just being able to create and use those weapons for myself is enough for me.


Oh boy compatibity patches...lol i should just get all the mods i want then install the compatiblity patches because im tired of uninstalling and reinstalling then merging mods lol.


Thanks for the reply guys!

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