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Please Help With Apply Script



Hello, let me first say thank you so much for mod list and guide they are all extremely helpful. I was doing quite well actually in the Skyrim revisited guide, until I got to here...

Open TES5Edit and click [OK] to load all plugins prior to DynDOLOD.esp.Right-click DynDOLOD.esp and select "Apply Script".

I tried posting the DynDOLOD support thread but was told this was xEdit problem. The problem is that when I try to apply script the same message occurs repeatedly, TES5Edit "The specified path was not found." Then it gives me ok, or details. Clicking either takes me to the Apply Script screen, but it is completely blank.


These are the following methods I have tried, all of which did not even change the problem.

-Switched my arguments in MO executables to -o:"C:\xEditOutput" (i have tried changing this multiple times).

-Ran as administrator.

-Extracting Skyrim-Meshes.BSA

-Disabling MO manage archives

-And yes, my Edit Scripts folder is still inside my TES5Edit folder and DynDOLOD is still inside of that.


Thank you for taking the time to help me, I have been stuck on this single step for almost 3 days and am at my wits end...I hope it is not something i am going to face palm over.

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I'm assuming you had no problems with the DLC cleaning which would indicate the default install of xEdit is fine.

Remove the existing xEdit install and re-install it using exactly the described files and the method instructed in the DynDOLOD thread.


If you are still having issues after doing a thorough re-install, try posting the xEdit log and perhaps screenshots of the message(s) and continue this discussion in the DynDOLOD thread.

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