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I'm completely lost when it comes to mod merges



So far I've followed the SRLE guide exactly, but now I've got no idea of how to do these mod merges and Neovalen's instructions are a bit unclear. I'm hoping someone can help me.




What I'm confused about


The guide starts out telling you to run LOOT after every mod install.

Run LOOT after each mod with an ESM or ESP file to ensure the load order is correct.

My load order is all set up, but now the Merge Plugin guide is telling me to mess with the load order in order to create the merges.

Merge Plugins Standalone can only merge files that are contiguous, that is, there are no conflicting mods in between them.
Therefore, files to be merged should be at the bottom of your load order in the order specified.

The guide also does not tell you what to do with your load order after the merge has been created. It tells you where to place the merged mod in the left pane of Mod Organizer, but nothing about the load order. I'm also unsure of what to do with the files that were used to create the merge. Do I deactivate them from the load order? Do I delete them completely? Do I move them back to where they were originally in the load order before I moved them to the end?




Bash Tagging


When I create the bash for the Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul merge, "bashed patch, 0.esp" shows up in my load order in italics. The file is placed in Mod Organizer's "Overwrite" folder. Do I create a mod from the Overwrite folder contents? Do I run LOOT on the .esp, or is there somewhere I should place it in the load order?




My current step-by-step process


1. Create a backup Mod Organizer profile I can revert to if I screw something up.


2. Drag the Bathing in Skyrim mod .esps to the bottom of the load order.


3. Merge them. Place the mod where specified in the left pane. De-activate the unmerged versions. Run LOOT to place the new merged .esp where it should be in the load order.


4. Repeat steps 2&3 for the Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul merge.


5. Run Wrye Bash. Add the specified tags to the new merged .esm as the Bash Tagging guide says.


6. Create a mod for the bashed patch from the Overwrite folder. Activate it and run LOOT to place it in the load order.


7. Freak out and stop because this wasn't in the guide and I'm flying blind on too many things. Revert to the backup I made. Ask for help.

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you can always run Loot to fix your load order. Actually that's even written on SRLE guide after all the merges.


bash tagging it's for the bashed patch that you do at the end of the guide.


after you did bashed patch, FNIS, SUM as explained in the guide create a SRLE Profile mod from overwrite and place it at the end of the mods in left pane

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I've watched it, and it didn't help with my questions. Either I missed something in the 47 minutes, or it didn't cover what to do with the pre-merged .esms after you've finished the merge. Also, it didn't cover the bash patch tagging stuff.


I can create the merge just fine, it's what to do with the load order that's confusing me. 

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after you have created a merged mod you can either Remove the orginals all together or you can deactivate in the Left pane.


the step yous have written down look correct.


this might give you an idea on what to do with the left hand pane https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Darth_mathias/SRLE_Extended_and_SRLE_Intergration#Install_Order it's for SRLE Extended but can be applied to SRLE Base as well.


The SRLE Extended Profile at the bottom contains FNIS, Bashed Patch, ASIS, and DSR Skyproc Patches.

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