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Real_Wood_Textures_-_Farmhouses Better_Dialogue_Controls

ModNameExisting Guides
SkyrimSE:Better Dialogue Controls0.3.0b
SkyrimSE:Better Dialogue Controls1.0.0
SkyrimSE:Better Dialogue Controls1.1.0


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Iconics Bust Of The Gray Fox RetextureMarch 25, 20212459298.7750579
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Real Wood Textures-FarmhousesJanuary 31, 20212459245.8754398
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Here We Go Again - World InteractionsJanuary 11, 20212459225.6984954
Armor Mesh Fixes SEJanuary 11, 20212459225.6766088
Archery Quick Shot Perk Bug FixJanuary 11, 20212459225.6645949
Unequip Quiver SEJanuary 11, 20212459225.6129745
NPC AI Process Position Fix - SSEJanuary 11, 20212459225.6002778
Superior Mudcrab - 4k RetextureJanuary 11, 20212459225.5734375
RUSTIC DRAGONS - Special EditionJanuary 11, 20212459225.5566551
RUSTIC AMULETS - Special EditionJanuary 11, 20212459225.5502546
Quality CubeMaps - HD Cube MapsJanuary 11, 20212459225.5357639
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3D Junipers - Trees and Berries, Enemy REvolution of Skyrim, Iconics Bust Of The Gray Fox Retexture, Improved Clouds Mesh, Simple Offence Suppression, Spell Perk Item Distributor, XP32 Maximum Skeleton SE - Fixed Scripts

Ixian Inventor

Hi I am z929669, as the page title says(^). I am the primary process administrator of the STEP website. I am 45+ years old, married with kids over 20.

I love technical stuff and gathering information about ... everything, although administrating this site often keeps me from doing the modding that I love to do (I am not really a mod author, but more of a mod user, but I have a hand in many mods and their upkeep).

My favorite game is Morrowind, but I love Skyrim and several other games (Quake 2 was my first love).

Feel free to leave me a note on my talk page or leave me a PM on the forums.

stoppingby4now (s4n) WAS our primary technical site administrator, and he is also a site founder and process administrator; however, he left us with no word, just 'poof'.

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SkyrimSE:SKSE64 (SkyrimSE, 0.3.0b), SkyrimSE (0.3.0b, 1.0.0, 1.1.0)

Mod Name Baseline Instructions
SKSE64Link to the mod's Wiki page. Detailed Instructions available
Root Files Installation
  1. Download the "Current SE build" archive file.
  2. Open the archive and extract the following files to the Skyrim Special Edition root folder ../Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition:
    • skse64_X_X_X.dll
    • skse64_loader.exe
    • skse64_steam_loader.dll
  3. Keep this archive open for the next steps.

Data Files Installation

  1. Create a empty mod in the mod list of MO and name it SKSE64, or anything similar.
  2. Open the SKSE64 mod folder (Ctrl+double-click).
  3. Create a new folder named SKSE and open it.

INI File

  1. Within the SKSE folder, create a new file named SKSE.ini i.e. ..SKSE64/SKSE/SKSE.ini
  2. Open the new file and copy and paste the code in the box below
  3. Save and close the file when finished.


  1. From the archive downloaded above, open the Data folder e.g. SKSE64_x_x_x.7z/SKSE64_x_x_x/Data/
  2. Extract the scripts folder from the archive to the SKSE64 folder i.e. ../SKSE64/scripts/.
  3. Close archive and Windows Explorer sessions.

Once complete, the SKSE64 mod's folder structure should be:

  • ../SKSE64
    • /scripts
      • /Source
        • <file list>
      • <file list>
    • /SKSE
      • /skse.ini
    • /meta.ini

Launcher Configuration
Normally, MO should auto-detect that SKSE is installed upon a restart of the program, and it will auto-generate the SKSE game launcher. This should be used for launching Skyrim going forward. Below are some recommendations for further configuration of the SKSE launcher ... or, if for some reason MO fails to configure this. Please ensure the following is correct for SKSEy:

  1. In MO, click the MO Executables button at the top of the main Mod Organizer window.
  2. Over the left pane, click the [+] (add executable button) and select [Add from file...].
  3. Navigate to the skse64_loader.exe file (e.g., ../Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/skse64_loader.exe).
  4. "SKSE" can be renamed for clarity, however, if this is done, MO will automatically create the "SKSE" launcher again and place it at bottom of the list.
  5. Tick the Create files in mod instead of overwrite box and select the SKSE64 mod created above.
  6. Use this executable to launch Skyrim SE going forward.

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