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AMUMSS Guide - Documentation


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This page has been converted and updated from AMUMSS's text file provided with the tool: README - AMUMSS.txt

Download or Update

If you...

  1. do not have AMUMSS Download Complete Version
  2. have a version of AMUMSS prior or equal to v3.9.4W Download Complete Version
  3. have AMUMSS v3.9.5W or later execute BUILDMOD.bat from the AMUMSS folder to update (nothing more to do)

Latest Releases

The complete version of AMUMSS is available as a zip release at:

AMUMSS Releases (download Latest release)


When installing AMUMSS...

  • there can be no accented characters in the installation path
  • always install to a path outside of Windows UAC control and never within a system folder
    Good example paths: C:\AMUMSS, C:\Modding\Tools\AMUMSS, F:\AMUMSS
    Note that the Desktop is also a system folder.

When installing to the previous installation folder, AMUMSS will preserve everything in the user folders except changes made to AMUMSS files in the following folders:

  • ModScriptCollection

When installing to a new folder, users can copy/paste the following folders from their previous installation of AMUMSS to preserve previous work:

  • 'ModScript'
  • 'ModExtraFilesToInclude'
  • 'Builds'
  • 'SavedSections'
  • any other files in AMUMSS main not updated by the unzip file

Please execute BUILDMOD.bat once to re-create all user folders (if they do not exist) and download\update MBINCompiler.exe and libMBIN.dll.



Sometimes, your anti-virus may detect some component of AMUMSS and block/quarantine it. Be assure the download wasn't infected, but AMUMSS's behavior may be interpreted as such by some anti-virus software.

  • Please make sure to create an exception in your anti-virus software when this happens.
  • Also a reboot may be required as some anti-virus software do not correctly register the exception when it is created.


Questions are better asked in NMS Discord: Join the Discord!

We have channel #amumss-lua under the Modding Tools category that is dedicated to AMUMSS/NMSPE with helpful modders and Wbertro#8596 (aka TheBossBoy)