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AMUMSS How-tos

by: Lo2k

AMUMSS is a great tool offering a lot of possibilities via a scripting language.
But do you know it also brings very simple features that everyone can use ?

Detecting mod conflicts[edit | edit source]

Either you downloaded a new mod and can't see the changes ingame, or you have downloaded a lot of them from different authors and are unsure if they are all compatible or not, AMUMSS can help you sort it out. Indeed, AMUMSS has an integrated feature to compare all mods .pak contents and check if two or more mods edit the same file(s). How do use it. Very simple :

  1. Download and extract AMUMSS files
  2. Double Click BUILDMOD.BAT
  3. When AMUMSS ask if you want to check for conflicts, hit the "Y" key (Yes)
  4. AMUMSS will compare all your mods and generate a report. You can read it in the command line window but it's easier to close AMUMSS and open the file named REPORT.txt in AMUMSS folder.
  5. Each file found in two or more mods will be listed as CONFLICT as in the exemple below.
[INFO]: is MOD-ified by:
[INFO]: 		   (==> NMS MODS folder)"Black Carbon 2.1.pak"
[INFO]: 		+  (==> NMS MODS folder)"True Icons 1.3.pak"

You now know exactly wich mods are in conflict, here Black Carbon 2.1 and True Icons 1.3. And you can remove one of the two to solve the issue. Or ask in the mod thread if they can be used together (it is the case here, as depite a same texture is edited, SUBSTANCE.FUEL.1.DDS, the one from the correct mod will be used.

Extracting an old mod[edit | edit source]

This feature can come handy. Imagine you discovered the best mod ever but created 2 years ago and nobody ever updated it since then.
You obviously tested it first but no miracle, game doesn't load or you get weird artifacts instead of the clean mod effect. You are confident you could update this mod if you could extract its files but if PSARC never changed since the game release and you were able to extract files from the .pak, there's no way to know which MBINCompiler version was used to create these files.
If you are in such a case, don't worry, just do the following :

  1. Download and extract AMUMSS files
  2. place the .pak file of the mod inside AMUMSS' Modscript folder
  3. Double Click BUILDMOD.BAT
  4. When AMUMSS ask if you want to check for conflicts, hit the "N" key (No)
  5. AMUMSS will try to open your .pak with all the known MBINCompiler version untill it eventualy finds the right one !
  6. Once AMUMS has finished, you will get some yellow lines. hit a key to close its window
  7. Open ModScript folder. you now have 2 folders. EXTRACTED_PAK containing the unpacked MBIN file and EXMLFILES_PAK containing the decompiled EXML files !

You can now read the file and maybe recreate it for the current game version.

If when running AMUMSS, you get popup windows saying MBINCompiler has stopped functionning, just hit "close program" for each of them. Indeed, with Windows 7 and older MBINCompiler versions, this error could raise. Anyway, AMUMSS will continue to test prior MBINCompiler version up to the right one
Modscript folder only stores files from the latest extracted mod. If you attempt to extract several mods at once or want to check previous extracted mods, the UNPACKED_DECOMPILED_PAKs folder store them all for you and even the original .pak and the REPORT file !