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LeanWolfs Better-Shaped Weapons SE

by LeanWolf, masterofshadows




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Download and install the LeanWolfs Better-Shaped Weapons INSTALLER - SE Main File.
The instructions below are suggestions. Users can customize the options according to their preferences.
Users following the instructions or selecting Greatsword Sheaths, should merge the LWs BSW Orcish Greatsword inventory fix - sheath Update File after installing the Main File.

FOMOD Instructions
LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons SE
  • Step 1
    • All or Custom
      • ◉ Install everything (default)
        • Next
  • Step 2A All
    • Sheath Options
      • ☑ Onehanded Sheaths
      • ☑ Greatsword Sheaths
        • Next
  • Step 3 Variants and Patches
    • Patches
      • ☑ Keening with Refraction
        • Next
  • Step 4 Glass
    • Patches
      • ◉ Refractive Glass Weapons
        • Next
  • Step 5 Stalhrim
    • Patches
      • ◉ Stalhrim with Refraction
        • Next
  • Step 6A Dawnbreaker Sheath
    • Patches
      • ◉ Dawnbreak Sheath Dwarf
        • Next
  • Step 6b Dawnbreaker ENB
    • Patches
      • ◉ Dawnbreak No ENB
        • Next
  • Step 7 Dragonbone
    • Patches
      • ◉ DragonBoring Weapons
        • Next
  • Step 8 Dual Sheath
    • Patches
      • ◉ No Dual Sheath
        • Install