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Game Guide Curation

Becoming a Step Game Guide Curator

by: Step Modifications

Aside from our original Skyrim Guides, we now offer guide-creation support for any Bethesda-derived game with the capacity to add others (e.g., No Man's Sky). Guide Curators can maintain either or both 'official' and 'unofficial' guides. Adherence to the Step Mandate is not a requirement for unofficial guides (e.g., NSFW guides are allowed).

Anyone interested in creating and maintaining a Game Guide can do so using the framework provided on the Step wiki. As described in that article, doing so has many advantages both to the Step community and all other guide Curators. Most notably ...

  • Increased exposure of guide(s) vs them "buried" on User pages
    • Dedicated Wiki Guide Page - The wiki URL will be like, just like the Step guides.
    • Nexus Mods Page - Curators have administrative access and maintain the Nexus mod page with help from the staff.
    • Dedicated Step Forum Topic - The Curator maintains the relevant guide forum topics for development, info consolidation, and Q&A from users, but with limited assistance from staff.
    • Guide Link on the Game Home Page
  • Wiki Mod Pages store guide-specific instructions and are reusable across all guides for a specific game (they only need to be created once).
    E.g., No need for all the wiki markup associated with manually created guides, the Mod Page/ModList infrastructure handles this more simply by utilizing easy to use forms.
  • Consistent theme across guides, with capacity to include Curator-specific "branding" elements

Anyone interested, please DM: z929669 and/or TechAngel85