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Guiding principles for the Step Mod-Build Guides

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Step Modding Guides

Figure 1: Workflow concept for incorporating mods into a mod list'.
Figure 1: Workflow concept for incorporating mods into a Core build'.

Step Modifications offers complete, stand-alone 'Mod-Build' Guides for supported games. These Guides provide start-to-finish instructions that result in Step's vision of an enhanced, vanilla gameplay experience for the game. Though customization is possible within these Guide, they are intended to be complete, 'Step-modded' solutions.

In addition to adding upon the visual and acoustic enhancements of vanilla games, Step Mod-Build Guides also modify aspects of the game in terms of gameplay mechanics. This may include mods that add or subtract specific, vanilla functionality to yield an overall more balanced and immersive experience.

Step Modding Guides are about ...

  • ... bug fixes and corrections to malfunctioning aspects of vanilla games
  • ... interface mods that improve the UI for the PC
  • ... modifications to meet realistic expectations of intended game features
  • ... modifications that improve continuity and qualitative consistency of all vanilla game assets, behaviors, and content
  • ... new content and assets that are consistent with the game's style and lore, as established by game creators and extrapolated on by the Step Modifications community in accordance with resources:

Step Modding Guides are NOT about ...

  • ... sex mods, skimpy clothing mods, body replacement mods that promote realistic nudity beyond the vanilla game, or beauty mods that unrealistically affect or digress from the ambiance and style of the vanilla game.
  • ... content that conflicts with the game's lore
  • ... sound replacement mods that digress from the game's vanilla ambience
  • ... texture mods that significantly deviate from the game's original visual style
  • ... mods that subjectively alter or contrast with the style of the vanilla game
  • ... mods that are only required for a specific user base (e.g., a mod that fixes UI issues but only for users running at 4K)
  • ... mods that have a high performance penalty