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extra combat and loot mods suggestions

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I have currently installed SR:LE exactly as it's mentioned in the guide with no deviation at all apart from the merges (which I don't think I need since I'm far away from the limit).

I have one or two minor issues but in general the whole setup is stable (4790k + AMD r290 + 16GB)


Although the pack is absolutely amazing, I'd still like two things added if possible:

a. Somewhat rare loot (I like to get hold to each piece of equipment for a long time before I find a better one)

b. More exciting combat/skills (ie. less character running speed, better sneak, delevelled enemies etc.)


What would it take to add the above two to my existing setup without too much hassle? ie. I'd prefer to just add the extra mods needed and only do the final steps in the guide (bashed patches, etc.)

Any combination of a & b is ok as long as there is as little hassle as possible. I really don't want to mess up the current stable setup.



thanks a lot for all your work guys. I can't express how amazing it is.

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Thanks for answering but, as I mentioned above, I need mods that are 100% compatible with SRLE without messing up a lot with the main setup .

The extended version *is* compatible but I see a lot of things that need to be redone and I'm afraid it will unbalance the current stability.


To make myself more clear: if any mod risks messing up with the main setup then I'm better off without said mod.

I was just wondering if there are addon packs to SRLE that provide extras like the ones I mentioned on (a) and (b)


Having said that, I'm still at the beginning and I haven't seen much of the world. Is SRLE world deleveled? do the creatures level with me or do they have level 'ranges' with caps? Also, are the items the same? ie. on higher levels will I find daedric stuff on skeevers for example? :P

The description of SRLE is not very clear on that stuff (probably because it's *very* clear on everything else) :)

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