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ILS with one profile



In my setup of MO I have five profiles at this point.  All five have the same mods and the same load order but one of the profiles will not play.  There are 80 mods in the mod folder. 


When I start this profile and  I get to the last step in starting the game where the dialog reads LOAD THIS GAME I get an ILS.


At one point this profile was running but I do not know what changed to create this situation or what I did to cause it.  If it makes any difference the character is a Hobbit.


Seems odd to me can anyone shed some light on this?


New development.  I am trying to run each of my profiles to find out if I have others with the same issue and have found another with an ILS.  This one when entering Underground Bathhouse.  At the time I started using MO around the end of November This character had this problem and I didn't know then what it was called.  So at this point this makes two out of five profiles.


I'm assuming what you are actually referring to is an ILS (Infinite loading screen)? I have edited the post and the title to reflect this and therefore make it easier for other users to find this topic if they search for it.

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I'm curious, why do you have five profiles with the same mods and the same load order? Not that it matters, it just seems like the very definition of redundancy. Lol.


See this part of the MO guide for what profiles do and do not control: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Mod_Organizer#Profiles_2


If you are running everything exactly the same for all 5 profiles, and only two of the five give you an ILS, the only thing I can think is that something is different which the profiles do indeed control. For example, the Skyrim.ini or SkyrimPrefs.ini.


However, it could be a more general problem, and you only happen to have seen it so far on the two profiles. I assume you have SKSE...have you created an skse.ini file, and verified it has the correct information? STEP has some great instructions for SKSE installation in MO here. You can verify if the SKSE memory patch (the "memory" lines in the .ini) is working via a great tool named Memory Blocks Log. Follow the instructions on the Nexus page. If you followed the STEP instructions, the line at the top of the log should read "512, 256" (this corresponds to the "768, 256" settings in the STEP instructions). I only mention this as the only time I have ever gotten an ILS I didn't have the skse.ini setup correctly (I forgot to put it in it's own folder named "SKSE").


The other major thing is potential mod conflicts...you can generally see them in MO (lightning bolt with "+" or "-" signs). TES5Edit is the tool to solve that, but it can be fairly complicated.


Not all mods play nice together. Some are totally incompatible, others need patches which are provided, while still others need custom patches made in TES5Edit as none are provided. Many mods do work together right out of the box. However it is quite important to check the Nexus description and posts to see about incompatibilities. If you are new to modding, then I suggest following some sort of guide to get going (STEP is one, but there are others). If you are not new to modding, then you are probably already aware of what I just said regarding mod compatibility, so please don't take any offense!


However, this is straying a bit off-topic from MO support, so I'll leave it there.


Good luck! :-)

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First off Thanks GrantSP for correcting my blunder.  What can I say.  That's what old age does to you.


I am trying to get on to running Mod Organizer.  I have been playing  Skyrim and modding for several years.  So I think that makes me an expert Newbie.  As I always say I know enough to make me dangerous.  So I definitely do not take offense in what you and others are saying.  I do have an understanding of the fact that mods are rather fickle to say the least and how important it is to be aware of conflicts.  Since I have started with MO I am just starting to get a grasp on how to deal with those conflicts.  This is why I am open to most constructive criticism and try to take as  much advice as I can.  In answer to your question as to why I have all the profiles and order the same?  Well the fact that I am having this ILS issue has proven to me that I have a problem somewhere that I was not aware of.  This is a good thing.   Once I get over this one perhaps it will teach me something before I start playing with deleting, adding and rearranging mod orders so I can start fine tuning and creating totally separate individual profiles.  This looks like it is working for me so I will press on until something better comes along. 


Meanwhile I will spend the duration trying to follow the advice you and others are giving me.  Yes I have SKSE installed and I am almost sure I have done that correctly but I will triple check it.  I have watched both Gopher and Gamerpoets many times and learned a lot from them.  After my last post I thought I would try another test.  I started a new character with a new profile again using the same mods and load order  thinking that it might be immune to whatever problem I am having and see how it was going to respond.  This has happened to me in the past BUT NOT!  This character has it's own set of problems.  Two large mods UNDERGROUND BATHHOUSE and UNIQUE LYDIA are having issues.  I do not expect any assistance with this one but I thought you might be interested in the results.  The suggestion by you to try the MEMORY BLOCKS LOG is going to be my next classroom.  Thanks for the help and advice.  I will get on it.  I'm sure you have not heard the last of my blunders.  HA HA.

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