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Loot, Wrye bash and TES5Edit only detecting highrestexturepacks and skyrim



 i was instaling some mods since i recently started modding skyrim then when i opened loot to set the order of my plugins...


does anyone know how to fix this? wrye bash, tes5edit and loot aren't detecting any plugins/mods










wrye bash



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Looks like you are running these programs from outside of MO. They are looking in the Skyrim directory and seeing nothing, because the mods are in the MO folders.


You need to setup the programs to run through MO. STEP has some good instructions for setting these programs up. Applicable for everyone with MO, though.


LOOT: https://wiki.step-project.com/LOOT#Recommendations

TES5Edit: https://wiki.step-project.com/TES5Edit#Recommendations

Wrye Bash: https://wiki.step-project.com/Wrye_Bash#Recommendations


You'll need to do similar setups if you use DSR or FNIS.

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Weird. Only other thing I can think is maybe a permissions issue...are MO and these other programs installed under "program files" of your C drive? Or somewhere else?


Do you have MO set to run as administrator?


Best idea is to have MO and the other programs outside of any Windows UAC - basically, outside of program files. Then do not have MO or any of the other programs run as administrator, just let them run normally.

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Now I'm grasping at straws...


Are you sure you ran the program with the right profile activated in MO? If you accidentally switched profiles before running the programs, this behavior would be expected.


Antivirus / security software set to ignore the "mod skyrim" folder and the "steam" folder?


I really am not sure, if you answer "yes" to the above. Maybe someone else has heard of an issue like this before, and can be of more assistance.

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