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Delinquent Masters Errors while building STEP Extended



I am attempting to build the STEP Extended mod profile in Mod Organizer (1.3.11). I successfully created the STEP Core profile.


I have reached part 2.N. Patches, where I have loaded the STEP Compilation and I am trying to build the Bashed Patch. In WryeBash, after right clicking Rebuild Patch I get a dialogue box with Delinquent Masters Errors. In the DME it shows WetandCold.esp with WetandCold.esp below.


In the mods list all are green with check mark except:

·       Hearthfireextended.esp

·       BetterQuestObjectives-NECPatch.esp

·       BetterQuestObjectives-PaarDilimmaPatch.esp

·       STEP Extended Patch.esp

Each of which shows an orange box with check mark.


What do I do to resolve the error?

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Ok this is my understanding. Please anyone feel free to correct me if I've got owt wrong as is entirely possible


a) Have you got wet & cold ashes higher than wet & cold in your load order. As far as I understand the delinquent masters message is where you have an esp. higher than its master (thus loading earlier than its master) that it depends on.


b) Orange boxes are different & won't stop you bashing. It is because the masters of that esp are in a different order in your load order than when the esp was created. There is a box to the right in Wyre Bash which shows the masters & their order in the highlighted esp. 

They might indicate an error in load order but not necessarily.


Ensure your load order is ok with a combo of using Loot and any recommendations in the STEP guide or the readmes of other mods if you use them, but I don't think you need to fret about getting rid of all the orange squares just for the sake of it. For e.g some mods have the vanilla dlc's  in the wrong order, and better not to follow suit.


You can sort this out once you have finalised everything in TES5 by right clicking on said plugin and choosing 'reorder masters'. It should then be green next time in Wyre Bash. Note: don't do what I did first time & try & reorder all plugins at once! Only those orange ones, one at a time. Also note that I had a problem re-ordering Hearthfire's Extended & ended up leaving it, but it may just be a one off corruption that happened to me.

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WetandCold mod's installer seems to automatically merge the main portion with the installed optional portions, so I have no contol over load order.


I have susequently found slight inconsistancies in the STEP:Core build (even though the Skyrim program would run) and I will first adjust those and then attempt to re-assemble the STEP:Extended build.


I will report back here when I have some results. 

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