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  1. Thank you for the information.
  2. I have noticed recently—using the latest version of SRLE—that my armor warmth-ratings are reverting to the default value of 110. I can no longer increase my cold protection by using fur armors. Wondering if I am an isolated case or if others are also experiencing this behavior?
  3. Thank you GrantSP. Uninstalling the old version by deleting all the content was the solution. I had installed version 0.9.0 on top of the old version 0.8.1 and it must have left something in the folder that caused trouble. Working now, as expected. To answer paul666root: yes, it did open without MO previously. Thanks for the help, TER
  4. Updated LOOT to version 0.9.0 following the recent updates to SRLE. Installed LOOT into the same folder as the old version (0.8.1). Checked the binary path is correct—which it is. Attempted to run LOOT after making other changes to left-pane mod-list and it appears to be working as usual: Mod Organizer suspends itself and displays notice MO is locked while the executable is running — LOOT.exe. However, LOOT never opens up. TER
  5. Item (3) does not cause major problems (that I know about), so I will ignor the error messages in the future.
  6. Updated SRLE to 5-APR-2016 version and strange behaviors (1) and (2) seem to have resolved themselves. Item (3), however, is still present.
  7. TadhgEomonn

    Strange Behavior

    I am running the 31 Mar 2016 version of SRLE. After the recent mod-list update the game exhibits some strange behaviors: (1) When dismissing my follower, the game displays—DFD error: failed to dismiss follower. Possible mod conflict (or words to that effect). Sometimes this error message is accurate and sometimes the follower leaves company as expected. (2) [May or may not be related to (1)] Dismissed followers, when encountered about town (or outside city limits), go about stark naked. This occasionally fixes itself after a long delay. Other times clothing issues are not covered up. (3) And now some additional strange phenomena are manifesting: On both the player character and NPCs, clothing on appendages (head, arms, legs) partially appear. E.g. sleeves or bracers appear semi-transparent—from one POV the clothing article is completely displayed, while from an altered POV the article partially disappears, yet never completely absent. Anybody else seeing these types of run time errors? Suggestions to remedy behavior?
  8. Thank you Neovalen and SkulldozeR for your suggestions. I had saved the Worlds Output but it was still glitchy. So, I went back and updated to the newest version of xEdit: TES5Edit v3.1.3 - 6883da3. Then added the most recent mod updates (because why not). Ran through all the final steps (LOOT, FNIS, Wrye Bash, DynDOLOD, and SUM). Everything is working fine now. Once again, thank you for the helpful pointers.
  9. Updated to the newest mod lineup (Vivid Weathers, Immersive Horses, Craftable Horse Barding). Which means that I likely made a mistake while installing new mods and removing those which were superseded. Getting an in-game error message (after starting a new game/character): DynDOLOD cannot find/read master data from DynDOLOD_Tamriel.json. Hoping that you could point me toward the most likely culprit.
  10. As far as I can tell, reinstalling Papayrus Util Mod has resolved the problem. Many thanks for your good work with SRLE and for pointing me in the right direction with my Papyrus Mod problem.
  11. I am not sure what you mean by content icons. The file tree shows a folder labeled “scripts,†a meta.ini file, and a readme that I altered to hidden in MO following the directions in your SRLE guide. The contents of the scripts folder: ActorUtil.pex 10 Feb 2015 JsonUtil.pex 01 Jan 2016 MiscUtil.pex 01 Jan 2016 ObjextUtil.pex 22 Aug 2015 PaapyrusUtil.pex 29 Dec 2015 StorageUtil.pex 30 Dec 2015I will reinstall the Papyrus Util Mod and check for differences. After reinstalling the Papyrus Util Mod, the script folder now includes a sub folder: Source. The file date for MiscUtil.pex changed to 05 Jan 2016. There is also a second folder in the file tree labeled SKSE\Plugins\ which contains one file: StorageUtil.dll. Will let you know if this solves the problem.
  12. Opened (double clicked) on the PapyrusUtil Mod within the left pane (Mod List?) of Mod Organizer. The Conflicts Tab shows no conflicts (zero conflicts). There are no flags next to Mod Name is the list.
  13. After a few miss steps, I’ve got SRLE up and running (thank you). Started a new game—ship-wreck scenario—and as my player character approaches the shore the game pops up warning messages: DynDOLOD requires PapyrusUtil 3.1 or newer. This has the effect of making the game unplayable and leaves me confused, as I am using the latest (5 Jan 2016) version 3.2 of PapyrusUtil. So, I must have missed something in your thorough instructions for SRLE and I hope you may point me to a likely solution. TER
  14. WetandCold mod's installer seems to automatically merge the main portion with the installed optional portions, so I have no contol over load order. I have susequently found slight inconsistancies in the STEP:Core build (even though the Skyrim program would run) and I will first adjust those and then attempt to re-assemble the STEP:Extended build. I will report back here when I have some results.
  15. I am attempting to build the STEP Extended mod profile in Mod Organizer (1.3.11). I successfully created the STEP Core profile. I have reached part 2.N. Patches, where I have loaded the STEP Compilation and I am trying to build the Bashed Patch. In WryeBash, after right clicking Rebuild Patch I get a dialogue box with Delinquent Masters Errors. In the DME it shows WetandCold.esp with WetandCold.esp below. In the mods list all are green with check mark except: · Hearthfireextended.esp · BetterQuestObjectives-NECPatch.esp · BetterQuestObjectives-PaarDilimmaPatch.esp · STEP Extended Patch.esp Each of which shows an orange box with check mark. What do I do to resolve the error?
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