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Best way to re-install?

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After not playing for Skyrim for about a month and a half, I was wondering what was the best way of updating my install. Should I just download updates and re-install the outdated mods or should I nuke my install and start over? I should add: I use SRLE as a base and have a bunch of stuff on top of that.

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Personnally if you have a vanillia backup of your skyrim folder I would removed it all and reinstall that then verfiy intergatiy of gane ceace in steam and start from the beginning this is the easiest method. if not just remove the enb files remove MO remove programs like tes5edit and wyre bash (as there have been updated too) and start from there.

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Quick question about merging with the new standalone: how are you supposed to merge esps that have uskp as a master? I keep getting a "failed to initialize" error when I start up the standalone.


False alarm: downloaded the replacement esps but forgot to put them in ><

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