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Help with Bash Tags (FONV)



Hello gentlemen, i am in need of help with modding Fallout New Vegas.


I'm intending to make a merged patch for Izumiko armor and replacer collection (T6M), links are:



(This one has .esm file while the others below are .esp)











Please help me with which one i should use as masterfile in FNVedit, and what Bash Tags i should put in with WyreFlashNV in the end.


A lot of gratitude for your attention and help.

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Let LOOT sort the mods before you open xEdit. Maybe use the Standalone Merge Script instead of xEdit. I would leave the ESM out of it and just merge the ESPs. I haven't merged an ESM in a while and don't remember the right way to do it. Anyways after you merge it, just use the Bash Tagger Script for xEdit to get the right ones to show up. That script is listed in the F&LNV guide. At least I think it is.

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