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How to repack the BAIN with the cleaned esp.



I have tried my best to find the answer but have failed in all attempts to repackage a cleaned esp so that wrye bash doesnt show an orange plus mark.


Can anyone give me a step by step instructions on how to repack the BAIN with the cleaned esp?



Also, when I clean the esp such as dynamic snow, and uninstall it. The Dynamic snow esp is still active in the mod tab when the mod itself has been uninstalled in the installer tab. (this only happens with the cleaned esp, when i use the non cleaned version of dynamic snow, it uninstalls normally)


Anyone know why this happens? Or how to fix this?


I eagerly await for a response

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As I have not gotten a response so far, I have tried different methods to see if this would work.


Instead of sending the dynamic snow mod directly to the mod installer folder and install it.


I have instead uncompressed the dynamic snow, than cut and copy the esp into the data folder and cleaned it in TES5Edit.


Once I cleaned it, I than cut the esp from the data folder and replaced it with the original esp in the uncompressed folder.


Than I archived the file again and installed it normally through wrye bash and it seems to work.


Whether or not this is the actual steps to repack a cleaned esp or a alternative is still up in the air, but this is how I made it to work.

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