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Better Males



Can someone please explain what to do for:

Faces - GeonoxFaces:

  • Smooth Normal Map

Nudes - FavoredSoulMeshes - FlaccidVersion or Underwear - Default:

  • Body Hair Level 3

Inside the Faces - GenonoxFaces file there is an Documentation and option folder, which is where the Smooth Normal Map is. If I set that folder as directory and continue until MO says "Looks Good" when I get to:

After installation, navigate to <Mod Organizer Path>/Mods/Better Males/textures/actors/character/male and make a copy of the following files and rename them as specified:

  • Copy of malehead.dds -> maleheadvampire.dds
  • Copy of malehead_msn.dds -> maleheadvampire_msn.dds

I only have 1 file in that folder, the malehead.dds file. 

Do I need to package the Smooth Face Option folder into an archive and install it separately? I'm guess this would also apply to the Body Hair Level 3 folder also. This would also apply to:

Optionals(In Archive):

  • Males/Better Males Body
  • Females/UNP/MAIN

Overrides: Better Males

Can someone please clarify. Thank you.

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You install each file twice.


Install the body file (the one named Nudes - FavoredSoulMeshes - FlaccidVersion or Underwear - Default) and select the first data folder.

Install the body again but this time use the data folder in the body hair level 3 folder. Remember to select merge and NOT overwrite when MO asks.

Install the face and select the first data folder - again, remember to select merge.

Install the face again and navigate to the smooth optional and install that data folder, again selecting merge.


Hope that makes sense.

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