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  1. I know that the guide changes daily/weekly but what is the best method for going about tracking the changes and updating the necessary mods? Should I just refer to https://wiki.step-project.com/index.php?title=User:Neovalen/Skyrim_Revisited_-_Legendary_Edition&action=history page on a weekly basis, remembering where I last checked up to, then update according to the changes? When should I run the Wrye Bash, TES%Edit, DynDOLOd and everything at the bottom of the guide again? I know the DynDOLOD stuff says only when new textures are added, does this include all textures or only terrain/environment? Thanks for helping again.
  2. I have been trying to figure out what the issue is. I am getting about 40FPS while playing the game. I have used some 1K textures instead of the 2K to cut down on performance. You can see my setup here: https://www.modwat.ch/u/juxtapoz I also seem to be experiencing issues while running the trees and other objects get really blurry until I stop, then it smooths out. Also when I am not completely focus on something, even if its next to the object I am focused on its blurry. I tried changing my FOV but can't seem to get this issue resolved. Attached you can see that my GPU never reached the 2GB limit. What could be causing the low FPS while turning? SkyrimGPUPerformance.txt
  3. So I followed the steps, but this looks kind of odd especially since it never asked me to add any masters. Is this normal?
  4. Thanks. I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to this guide.
  5. Should I need to install ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer? Or is it not necessary for this guide? I know it prevents CTDs by not loading everything in RaceMenu at one. What is suggested?
  6. Thanks for clarifying. Sorry for being a noob! One more question. Am I wrong in my assumption that the BetterQuestObjective.esp in the main mod isn't check in the Left Pane that the entire mod will not work? In my Right Pane I do not have an option for the BetterQuestObjective.esp to activate.
  7. As I am working through the guide and I am asking myself If I should me merging the main mod with patches/optional files or naming them differently and keeping each file download as a separate activated mod. I know Skyrim had a mod limit, and I know there is a merging process at the end but I am over the 300 priority size, is the merging going to cut down enough mods to run Skyrim, or should I go back and reinstall the patches/optionals as a single mod? Thanks in advance.
  8. Can someone please explain what to do for: Faces - GeonoxFaces: Smooth Normal MapNudes - FavoredSoulMeshes - FlaccidVersion or Underwear - Default: Body Hair Level 3Inside the Faces - GenonoxFaces file there is an Documentation and option folder, which is where the Smooth Normal Map is. If I set that folder as directory and continue until MO says "Looks Good" when I get to: After installation, navigate to <Mod Organizer Path>/Mods/Better Males/textures/actors/character/male and make a copy of the following files and rename them as specified: Copy of malehead.dds -> maleheadvampire.ddsCopy of malehead_msn.dds -> maleheadvampire_msn.ddsI only have 1 file in that folder, the malehead.dds file. Do I need to package the Smooth Face Option folder into an archive and install it separately? I'm guess this would also apply to the Body Hair Level 3 folder also. This would also apply to: Optionals(In Archive): Males/Better Males BodyFemales/UNP/MAINOverrides: Better Males Can someone please clarify. Thank you.
  9. This is irrelevant to this question, but why do I not see "Worldspace" when I right click the mod in TES5Edit? Right-click TheEyesofBeauty.esp>"Worldspace" and select "Remove". Or do I remove this:
  10. Thank you! Glad I didn't get too far past before clarifying my thoughts.
  11. So for for better understanding. If it says something like: textures/dlc02/landscape/dlc2basaltcolumnsingle*.dds (High Resolution DLC is superior.)Then I would remove any/all things that are associated wit dlc2basaltcolumnsingle correct? that would include the .dds and the _n.dds files.
  12. I am going through the guide and I've started seeing * at the end of file names that are not be installed. I've noticed only the .dds files are the ones selected to no be installed, but there are also _n.dds files. Can someone please clarify what the * are for? Thanks in advance.
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