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Reset left-pane priorities ACCORDING TO CATEGORIES?



NOTE: This is a blatant cross-post from the MO support-thread on Nexus. If that's a no-no feel free to chastise me. Severely. (My aunt just read some book about monochromatic color-schemes, where she learned that being chastised is lots of fun.) After posting on Nexus I got to thinking that this might be the better place to get some qualified tips.




I spent about 6 months away from Skyrim (Dragon Age Inquisition and Witcher 3 are big games!), and in that time I migrated to a new SDD and a new MB+CPU AND did a clean installation of Windows 10. I took care to transfer my Skyrim setup with exactly 365 mods (one for every day of the year, apparently!) - but somewhere along the way, I overwrote my MO profiles with a blank load order. Ugh. When I fired up MO and updated to 1.3.11, I realized that I hadn't actually lost any saves, but I'd nuked my entire load order. 
Getting the right-hand pane back in working order isn't too much of a problem - LOOT even still has my custom rules. But when MO looked through my mods folder, it simply prioritized the LEFT-hand pane entries in alphabetical order. Tex and mesh mods are a disaster zone!
Maybe I'll just have to redo the whole thing by dragging and dropping single files, but I think I see a better way: 
I have a set of custom categories that roughly follow the load-order in STEP Skyrim - and my categories are still fine, and the mods are still in them.
So if I could reset the left-pane priorities numbers so that all the mods in, say, "extenders" are at the top of my priority list, followed by all the mods in "fixes," followed by all the mods in "interface" - etc. - getting everything back in order would be WAAAAAY easier.
Any way of doing this?
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If you have the categories set up nicely in Mod Organizer, it might be easier to group by Categories, expand the category you need, and go down the list setting the priority in sequential order. It's still going to be a grind to go through all the mods, but it beats scrolling all over creation.

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Yeah, I think you're right. Once I activate all the mods in any given category, I can switch to the <checked> view and move the entire block around until the priority numbers make sense.


And actually, there are so many mods to update or replace and so many other things to fuss with that I might as well just put in the elbow grease.

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The 'grouped mods' take the priority of the first mod with the highest priority. 
You could add in "dummy" mods that serve only as 'group headers' and assign them with priorities that match your list. ie. you create a mod called "--Extenders--" and assign it a priority of 1 then create another mod called "--Fixes--" and give a priority of 2 then another called "--Interface--" and set it to 3. 
Assign these dummy mods the same categories as those of the mods that you want to group and when you choose the sorting method: "Categories: for the left-hand pane, these header mods will be used to sort them in the order you gave them. 


That's how I answered in your Nexus post.

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