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Revert to Skyrim 1.7?



Steam just forced me into updating to 1.8, and I would like to roll it back to 1.7.  I do not have backups created so I can't use the restore previous versions option in win7.  Is there any other way to change out esm or bsa files to allow me to revert to skyrim 1.7?

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It amazes me that this is an issue for anyone who has installed STEP why are you skipping the phase of Installing and backing up Skyrim properly (Section 1.A page 11) and the step of Installing Skyrim Unplugged (Section 1.C page 12)?

You could assume they haven't gotten to install STEP yet? Not to mention that probably half of the STEP users reads only the mod lists, which should be enough to get any half-experienced modder going anyway.


Anyway, there aren't any game breaking bugs introduced in 1.8, only a few non-essential mods are incompatible so I'd say go ahead and install the update to anyone, but make sure to use Skyrim Unplugged next time before you're ready to update. But then again, these people would not ask how to revert to previous patch if that was the case...

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