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d3d9.dll vs. d3d9injFX.dll



i noticed that the enb.ini files from pure enb contain the following lines






i am using d3d9.dll.


Should it say..







does it matter that the ini file references a .dll file that is different from the 1 I have installed?


i have followed the enb install sequence recommended by STEP, running all mods with maybe 1/2 of them HIRES options and

i am having a wonderful time - thanks for the huge effort put into the guide.


the issue above is more of a passing query as enb seems to work well regardless of what the ini says.


any help would be much appreciated.

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That's only if you're using a second proxy .dll for extra post-processing. In this case it's set up for the optional FXAA injector that comes with Project ENB. If you aren't using it, you can set EnableProxyLibrary and InitProxyFunctions to false if you want, but I don't think there's any harm in leaving them set to true.

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thanks heaps guys -- thanks frihyland - i used that guide and have pretty much all things STEP related bookmarked - i used STEP 1st about 1 year ago but my system left alot to be desired then - now its a sweet system for playing Skyrim and using STEP(the only thing i lack is a SSD, but that is on the way for Xmas) - i used MO for almost every mod install except the ones that require direct user intervention(like SKSE etc.)- I see Climates of Tamriel has a Dawnguard option now, but I am awaiting the next release of STEP b4 I add it into the mix.


I am mightily impressed with the work you guys put into STEP, I will be sending some $$ your way after Xmas (my wife won't let me b4 Xmas). You deserve major credit for the effort made in putting together such a great resource.

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