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The Shadows.


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While looking at YouTube I came across this GamerPoets video. In there is a sample of a change to shadows.


How was that done?


It looks fantastic. Can you actually play the game or is it an FPS sink picture book mode?


Really great set of Videos. I highly recommend them to anyone who may have missed them.

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If you mean around 3:00 minutes, that's likely raising the Shadow Map Resolution in skyrimprefs.ini. I find 8192 to be sharp enough without causing much of a drop in FPS. Your computer might be able to handle more.


Setting fShadowDistance lower can also sharpen shadows. Unfortunately it also reduces the distance at which they are drawn, a tradeoff which might be acceptable for you.


Some more info here - https://forum.step-project.com/topic/3758-shadow-optimization/


Using a barebones ENB preset could also help. It includes a few shadow fixes, and an option to slightly sharpen and blur the shadows to reduce the blocky effect you get at lower resolutions.

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I have avoided ENB so far. More that I want everything else working before I worry too much about eye candy.


Things so far that I have found useful. 



This is the default. Changing this to 0.800 seems to clean up the shadows around a person's neck.


This is the default that my system generates.


Scene fShadowBiasScale=0.15


With a little tuning.


Scene fShadowBiasScale=0.80



iShadowMapResolution = 4096

Bumping this to the next higher setting dropped my FPS for my test scene from 54 to 26. Cost is a bit too high.

It helped to remove some of the blockyness of the ground shadows.


Thanks for the links phazer11 and Sydney. Very useful information.


Hopefully I can configure something that I can play and like and a set for picture book mode.

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