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Load order change and dual sheath redux patch



I've installed Dual Sheath Redux by following GamerPoets video. He suggests rerunning the DSR patch each time I change my load order. Is unchecking a mod in the right pane but leaving it checked in the left pane considered changing my load order?

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Yes, the load order "definition" is : The sorted list of checked plugin 


So checking/unchecking a plugin, adding/removing a plugin, changing a plugin's name, or changing a plugin's position is a change to your load order.



However, regarding DSR, you only really need to rerun the patcher if you add/remove (or check/unceck) a mod which have weapons / shields.

Note that not only weapons/shields pack actually have weapons and shield. Lot of quest mod or populating mod add their own as well. And it's not necessarily obvious since they can have the same visual, only different stats / enchantment / or so.

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