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GRIP - the Rollcage remake


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Does anyone remember Rollcage 1 and 2 for Playstation? They are my most favourite PSX games ever! It's futuristic, very fast paced racing of cars with weapons. Slipstream/Wipeout kind of a game, but on wheels and with absolutely amazing soundtrack (Aphordite, EZ Rollers etc.):




I was very happy to found out that it's being remade! So I went to their Kickstarter in order to throw some money at them, only to find out that the KS has been cancelled due to not enough funds being collected. The developers didn't give up however and now they're having a new campaign directly on their website. 


The game is now on Steam Early Access and the first playable build is supposed to be released no later than 30th November 2015 (if they won't meet the deadline they'll refund all the money gathered so far).


I'd encourage you to go to their website and check it out! It looks really cool. They have a separate page full of GIFs you can have a look at (warning - bandwidth intensive!) and a separate one with media content.


If you like the sound of it please support the project, as it looks like it's going to be a great remake with an equally amazing soundtrack. 

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Never played this, but now you have made me sad Sony Liverpool are dead and won't be making another Wipeout. Thanks a lot!


It looks fun, but it's just Wipeout with wheels? I'd prefer Wipeout. Did I mention Wipeout? ::D:



I played these games but RPGs were more my cup of tea. Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, Zelda on Nintendo, etc.

Is it okay not to be shocked at all here?

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Yeah, effectively it's Wipeout on wheels. I played both (and loved both! WO is also one of my fav games of old times!) and I think RC was honestly better. It's faster and more dynamic than WO, the tracks were more interesting and better designed and the soundtrack was more to my liking :) I really really hope Grip succeeds.

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My favorite PS1 game with cars was Vigilante 8 I think it was, followed by Twisted Metal, never played rollcage.

V8 was a spin off of my beloved Interstate '76. I always wanted a remake of the latter... Luckily the new Mad Max kind of fullfils that need. Rollcage is a bit different to all those games though due to the fast paced racing - it was VERY fast game and I mean it. You could really feel the speed! I really really hope that Grip succeeds :) Come on people, throw your money at them! :D

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