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Magic walk-through - College of winterhold

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I'm planning my newest walk-through to be magic oriented and as such, the College of Winterhold will play a large part.


I'm planning to install the following


Immersive College of Winterhold

Winterhold expanded ruins


These mods work together, as per their mod page so I'm not expecting any major issues, but

the setup does require a few patches to integrate with ElnFX and RLS.  I'm not sure which one is appropriate (see attached screenshot)


I should mention I'm also planning to install Apocalypse - magic of skyrim, Wintermyst, enchantments of skyrim, Immersive spells and lights and smart cast, if anyone cares to comment.


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I am going to make a mage playthorugh too, and I too was about to play with those two mods installed. Problem is, together they make winterhold a HUGE FPS drop zone. With SR:LE I generaly have 60 FPS interior, 55-45 exterior, depending on the weather, but in winterhold I have 25-30 FPS, depending if I look at the college from the town, or at the town from the college. So in the end, I just removed them. Still trying to find a good college mod, or at least one that makes the Archmage quarters a good player home, but so far nothing good. For the town I think i'll just wait Arthmoor to make a little expansion for it like he did for Ivarstead, Kynesgrove and Darkwater Crossing.

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