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  1. I'm planning my newest walk-through to be magic oriented and as such, the College of Winterhold will play a large part. I'm planning to install the following Immersive College of Winterhold Winterhold expanded ruins These mods work together, as per their mod page so I'm not expecting any major issues, but the setup does require a few patches to integrate with ElnFX and RLS. I'm not sure which one is appropriate (see attached screenshot) I should mention I'm also planning to install Apocalypse - magic of skyrim, Wintermyst, enchantments of skyrim, Immersive spells and lights and smart cast, if anyone cares to comment.
  2. I've noticed the same as well. They are all being overwritten by the high res texture pack plus an assortment of other mods. I wish I had know before I downloaded them since I have a bandwidth cap. So my guess is that it's only important to download the Optimized high res textures and forget about the 3 main packs.
  3. Various unnecessary files as indicated in the Steps. It really doesn't matter deleting them or hiding them, the end result is the same. The idea behind MO's ability to hide files, is that you can easily hide a file as a test, and then unhide it. This is easier than re installing the mod if you change your mind. In the case of STEP, there is no reason to revise the decision to get rid of a file, so removing it is fine and can saves you a (tiny) little bit of space.
  4. You forgot an important causes of game freezes. An incorrectly configured memory patch. As you know the game will freeze once it uses up it's first block of 256 MB. STEP instructions incorporate the fix for that. In my case it was incorrectly set up. Using the memory log eventually revealed that.
  5. Weird. Maybe I ended up using an outdated version somehow.
  6. Update! Racemenu has been updated and this issue was fixed in Version 3.2.2 Hopefully this will fix my issues, as I was still getting crashes when loading a save during a play session. EDIT : After some testing, this update appears to have resolved the issue
  7. My bad. Found it. Apologies for missing it
  8. In the section regarding Bandolier - bags and pouches, we are instructed to remove the ESP both for bandolier and for the DG version, since it's part of CCO. However I do not see any reference to this in CCO and indeed, I do not see the pouches available in the crafting menu. What did I miss?
  9. That's interesting and I'll read through. I had already discovered this on my own however. I had the classic symptoms. My game would freeze while scrolling through inventory and crafting menus. I know about the memory fix and had double checked that it was there. step incorporates this. However enabling logging showed that the fix was not working. I eventually ended up editing directly the data folder instead of going through MO and that fixed it. This is something else. I'm conviced I found the culprit. Why this is not affecting everyone and only some people the real mystery
  10. You might remember I was asking earlier about an issue with shield placements and you showed me how to fix racemenu weapon placement sliders for my custom race by replacing the custom skeleton with the one from xp32. I do experience the occasional CTD, but since this change they were more frequent. One in particular I was able to reproduce reliably. It simply involved running along a road, it would always CTD more or less in the same area, just before Fort Greenwall comes into view. Don't ask me how I concluded it was racemenu, but I did. I removed racemenu and that particular CTD stopped. I re-enabled racemenu and again experienced the same CTD. Then I found this : https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/35it9d/ctds_with_racemenu_and_nioverridedll/ I re-enabled racemenu and disabled nioverride.dll and again the CTD stopped. I've also been experiencing some of the symptoms described in the post. Re-loading a saved game during the game also frequently causes an CTD and this was prior to modifying my custom race skeleton. EDIT: I played several hours after this and did not experience a single CTD, even reloading the game from within the game itself. This was premature, as I still experienced those type of crashes
  11. You rock. This totally fixed all my issues. I'm rather embarrassed by the Cloaks of Skyrim issue. It was a no brainer. When I went to reinstall I realized the mod itself was missing, therefore all the meshes were missing. The cloaks themselves were still in the game because ESPs are part of CCO. And copying over the skeleton also fixed my issue. It took a bit of guesswork, since they were named differently but I got it right the first time. Thanks again!
  12. I'm having a issue with cloaks and shields and I'm not sure if I did something wrong. Shields not in use are on the back of my character but they appear to be a weird position seemingly unattached to the body. It's worse on a small female character, because the gap between the shield and the body is greater. Also cloaks are not showing up. They equip properly and Frostfall detects them, but they are invisible. Those are the cloaks from the CoS. Is that a mistake a made or is anyone else seeing that. This is my SkyRE profile without any additional mods, so there should be no conflicting mod. Edit. I answered my own question. This is adjusted in the weapons tab of racemenu. Unfortunately I think that the fact I'm using a custom race is conflicting with this, as the tab exist but there are no sliders in it. I might have to disable the shield option of Dual Sheath Redux for this character. Still don't get it about the cloaks though
  13. I don't think you need to start from scratch. Just re install the mods that you messed up. They aren't that interdependent. Sometimes I also found that uninstalling and reinstalling mods, the esp doesn't end up checked in the bottom right window and you have to check them manually. Anyway retrace your steps and redo all the stuff you think you got wrong.
  14. Oops, I did not see that. My bad
  15. I'm missing the overwrite bar and I do not know how to make it re-appear. I know the bar does not appear if the folder is empty. I definitively have some files there as I just ran FNIS. (I confirmed visually and also the mod is warning me I have files in my overwrite folder.) I cleared the folder and tried running FNIS again. Files are back, yet no bar anywhere. I try resizing the windows in various ways but no joy. I know where it's supposed to be. It's definitively not there. Any one has an idea?
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