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Question about the Optimized Textures

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So I'm using the Optimized Textures off Nexus, as recommended by SRLE.  Now that I'm done modding and gotten my game working, i noticed something.


In Mod Organizer, all the packs have the greyed out lightning bolt next to it, indicating that they're redundant. I think all the texture mods have replaced everything in them.  So... do i need to still be using the optimized textures?  or should I just deactivate them?

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I've noticed the same as well.  They are all being overwritten by the high res texture pack plus an assortment of other mods.


I wish I had know before I downloaded them since I have a bandwidth cap.


So my guess is that it's only important to download the Optimized high res textures and forget about the 3 main packs.

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