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ghost esp in right panel, failed to parse error?



merged a few armor mods together with the xedit merge script, deleted the original mods (and their esp files) and created a new mod for the merged armors.  but i'm seeing an .esp file from one of the original outfit mods in the right panel even though it was deleted, and while it says it's in the new mod folder i made for the merged mod i checked and its not there.  beyond that when i activate/deactivate the merged armor file i get a 'failed to parse esp file' in the new merged mod directory.  refreshing or restarting MO don't fix the issue.


is there some way to remove the .esp file from the right panel when its not located in the file that it says its in?

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There are a lot of ways to check where a plugin is coming from, the easiest is to look in the 'Data' tab and see the name of the mod that is providing it. Once you have that name you can either disable that mod in the 'Left-hand pane' or use the 'Information' dialogue to either "hide" it or move it to the 'Optional' section.


Even though you say you have deleted it that file is still in the place you aren't looking, there is no other way MO can provide a file that isn't there!

Using the Merge script is a very easy way to lose track of things if you aren't careful. Have you checked the 'Overwrite' folder?

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ok, thanks for the suggestion about looking in the data tab, didn't think of that.  strangely the mod author for one of the outfits i merged put a copy of the .esp in his .bsa file, and i guess since MO is managing the .bsa its showing me the .esp in the plugin list.  it lets me tick and untick it so hopefully i don't need to unpack the thing and remove it.


a question though, in the data tab its the only file i see listed in italics.  does this mean its packaged in a .bsa?

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