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  1. can't edit my own first post... could i just pull the sound folder from the .bsa archives and drop it in the mod folder before i build the merge? are there any other files i need to pull from a .bsa for the program to merge mods correctly?
  2. figured i'd ask before i redid the merge, but do you need to unpack .bsa files for companions with custom voice files? merge i did with a bunch of companions have some voiced and some not, noticed that the ones without voices were ones with .bsa that i hadn't unpacked.
  3. fun idea, i'll run malwarebytes and see if it picks up anything my antivirus didn't.
  4. and strangely happened again today. its easy to fix but i'd really love to know what's corrupting the file.
  5. is it bad form to post in a topic several months old like this when you get the same problem? seems silly to start another topic, so... had the same problem today. turned on my pc and tried to load MO, got the same error. went to the file in question and saw it had no data for some reason, so i just downloaded the archive version of MO and replaced the corrupted file with the .dll from the archive. works fine now, though i do wonder what caused the issue.
  6. finally got an ssd so i'm planning to move skyrim and all my mods over. i'm just wondering if there's any quick way to delete files that aren't used due to conflict? lots of mods with lots of conflict files (legacy of the dragonborn is a big one), and while it didn't really matter to me with my big hdd i'm more concious of space use on the ssd. to get rid of them the only way i can think of is by meticilously going through each folder and deleting the conflicts in lower mods, i'm hoping i'm missing something though. also, you can just choose an alternative location for mod downloads yes? keeping those on my hdd would make more sense.
  7. oh, i think i worked out how to fix my issue. clicked my merged patch, went to apply script/list records referencing specific plugin and pointed it at the plugin i needed to remove. it spat out two records that needed to be removed, so i removed them from the merge patch and then went to the header and hit the clear master button. seems to have removed the two records (a change to an outfit name and i think some added item to a chest in solitude) and has also removed the merged armor plugin as a master.
  8. merged patch, the one you build with the 'create merged patch' button. reason it takes so long is because i'm just generally bad at tes5edit and while i'm sure theres a quicker way then going through every conflicting record to fix npc looks and stats, or carrying over effects from revenge of the enemy to npc also modified by OBIS, i just don't know a way to do it short of carrying over everything i want manually. means i have to go through each npc record and do it by hand. in this instance i've got a reference to an outfit from a merged armor plugin that i stupidly allowed into the TES5Merged.esp. i've tried removing the reference from the tes5merged.esp but the merged armor plugin still lists as a master.
  9. just wondering how to do this without rebuilding the whole patch from scratch, since that takes hours. i've found that it included a mod that i need to remove and can't figure out how to remove all the changed so it stops requiring it as a master.
  10. ok, thanks for the suggestion about looking in the data tab, didn't think of that. strangely the mod author for one of the outfits i merged put a copy of the .esp in his .bsa file, and i guess since MO is managing the .bsa its showing me the .esp in the plugin list. it lets me tick and untick it so hopefully i don't need to unpack the thing and remove it. a question though, in the data tab its the only file i see listed in italics. does this mean its packaged in a .bsa?
  11. merged a few armor mods together with the xedit merge script, deleted the original mods (and their esp files) and created a new mod for the merged armors. but i'm seeing an .esp file from one of the original outfit mods in the right panel even though it was deleted, and while it says it's in the new mod folder i made for the merged mod i checked and its not there. beyond that when i activate/deactivate the merged armor file i get a 'failed to parse esp file' in the new merged mod directory. refreshing or restarting MO don't fix the issue. is there some way to remove the .esp file from the right panel when its not located in the file that it says its in?
  12. if you say so, i'll happily accept your opinion since i know step's been tested heavily. it was just very alarming to see that.
  13. Lightning During Thunder Storms (minty lightning) is the mod i'm talking about. noticed a papyrus log i had from a game where a lightning storm occured that was about 200Mbs, thats about 300x the size of one of my regular logs by the way, and looking in it i found an absolutely massive number of calls from this mod. checked out the topic for the mod on nexus and saw the same issue repeated for lots of people and i'm just wondering if its common with anyone who's stuck with the step core process (which i haven't, i went on to add pure weather, supreme storms, and an ENB) and if so why the mod is still included in the step guide.
  14. i know that MO will on ocasion let you use a mod without needing to load the .esp file, since it can directly load the .bsa if you have it manage archives and tick the box in the archive tab. but generally it tells you that the .esp file is a dummy file and not needed. i'm using a helmet toggle mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22765/? and noticed that while mod organizer doesn't list its .esp as a dummy file the .bas associated with the mod allows me to tick the box next to it (most mods are generally grey'd out). does this mean it can manage the mod without the .esp loaded?
  15. nvm, not sure how i missed the sort button inside LOOT.
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