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TESV + LOOT aren't showing installed mods



FIXED: Just rolled back to my previous profile, ensured everything worked, then copied the profile and made my changes. Everything is now working perfectly.. Unsure why this happened, can't explain why, but that's my fix :)




Hi all,


TESV & LOOT All executables were working last night and I haven't made any changes, however when they're launched, they aren't registering my mods...


EDIT: I selected my previous profile, and all exes are working! But my latest won't...

Have tried:
- Running MO as Admin

- Adding TESV & LOOT as new exes.

- Restarting PC


Any ideas?


Cheers, Mix

LOOT Options:


TESV loading Options:





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I am having the same issue with any executable I run through MO. So far I've only tested LOOT and Bodyslide, but neither one is reading from MO's virtual drive, and thus not detecting any other mods installed through MO. Is this a bug with the latest update (1.3.8) of MO?


I tried completely reinstalling MO and the executables, with no luck.

.NET 3.5 is active.

I set up the executables properly, through MO.

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This is not an issue with the program.

All the executables will use the same set of mods that the current profile has been set for. If you have recently updated either your Steam client or verified your game cache try running the game from outside the MO environment first, just in case the registry needs a refresh.


Without any diagnostic material (logs, inis, etc.) it will be hard to see what is not correct with your setup.

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