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Missing weapon textures - how to find the problem?



Recently decided to get back into Skyrim after playing about 1/3 of it completely unmodded many months ago. 


Found STEP - I have to say first and foremost. THANK YOU. This is an amazing amount of work, and truly appreciated. I found some amazing mods I would never have considered otherwise, and the game is like a brand new one after getting STEP (and an ENB) installed!


I have the game pretty stable with STEP (mid 40s to  low 60s FPS throughout all of Helgen), and have started adding in GEMS, and I had a weird thing happen.


Inside Helgen Keep, two enemies dropped weapons I've never seen before, and neither one had a texture - an Orcish Glaive and a Steel Halberd. At least, I assume it's a missing texture, because they could be taken and equipped, and even held (hands in the right position, and I could swing them), but they were invisible, both in the inventory screen, and in game. I've never had them drop in Helgen before, and I don't have many optional mods installed (none that are obvious culprits...).


I've got NMM installed and use it to download most mods. I have Wrye Bash installed, and through it, I use BOSS for load order. I've even puzzled out how to put together a Bashed Patch (even though only one mod - Move It Damnit - ever shows up as mergeable). I *even* got TES5Edit running and cleaned a few mods based on suggestions from WB.  


My question is this - is there a way to use Wrye Bash or TES5Edit to search through the specific contents of a mod (I'm pretty sure NMM and BOSS are right out)? Maybe I could see where the texture is *supposed* to be? Or where a mod added these weapons in (I don't honestly remember EVER seeing them before, TBH)?


Many thanks in advance, both for the staggering amount of work the STEP team has done, and for any help you can provide. 

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SkyRE, yes. No other weapon mods so far, or at least, I didn't think so. Then again, I didn't think SkyRE had much in the way of weapons, either!


I will grab my mod list from WB as soon as I get back...and I had a hunch TES5Edit was what I wanted...thanks!


(Also, how often do you look for contributors, and what is the process? Part of my job is technical documentation for beginners - the documents you've got are great, but I'd be more than willing to help polish them, just based on my very recent experience with STEP! And I've got a mind to dig into WB and TES5Edit and really figure out how they do what they do - not mod myself, just puzzle out the tools...anyway, just a thought! Thanks again!)

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I do not use SkyRe but your issue is surely caused by that mod, since it adds new weapons and modifies the leveled lists. For security, you can check the "weapons" lists in tes5edit in order to find those particular weapons you mentioned in the post. Then, if they're there, you should report the issue to the author.


We always look for people willing to contribute, i'm not the one who manages this trough, just write an "application" topic in this forum and one the team will consider it ;)

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