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Mod Organizer suggesting different loard order than LOOT?



I'm sure this has come up before but I wasn't sure which search terms to use.


Everyone has seen the exclamation point in the upper right corner of Mod Organizer, and the little numbers.  And I'm sure everyone has seen the Potential Mod Order Problem message, saying the load order is not good and the message "If someone suggested you ignore this message, please give them a proper slapping from me. Do not ignore this warning".


I just wondered what if anything we are supposed to do with this information?  I have tried the Mod Organizer "fix" a couple of times and the results we not good in any way.  Do we just ignore that message and go with LOOT, and if so is there any talk of just getting rid of that message?


Thank you for any assistance offered.


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If you are using STEP Core or STEP Extended and have installed everything in the proper order according to the guide, ignore this message because it's wrong. Mod Organizer is attempting to detect potential issues with the install order in the left pane but it's not nearly as good as the humans that put together the guide and checked all the conflicts.


Also keep in mind that LOOT sorts the plugins in the right pane (the load order) and has nothing to do with the mods in the left pane (the install order).

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