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Orange boxes in Wrye Bash and sorting masters with TES5EDIT



So I just got done with an install of SR and have a few orange boxes in WB.

I've heard in general that these are harmless, but being the perfectionist/ OCD modder that I am, I would like to "correct" this issue the proper way.

Would it be safe to just sort the masters with TES5Edit or should I rearrange these files so that they abide by the priority list of the mod?

I am using LOOT.

Thanks in advance.

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In most case, unsorted master are completely harmless. Especially because this appear on patchs that actually merge together changes from their master.


You can still re-order them in xEdit : launch xEdit, load the plugin -> it'll load it with its master in the same order as your load order -> right click on your plugin in the left pane and select "sort masters". Exit and save, done.



But it's useless to go through all this trouble, because LOOT sorting algortihm can be influenced by a single addition to your load order, which could result in disordered masters again after adding a simple new mod to your game.

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