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Trying new ENBs

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Hey guys, I've been meaning to try some different ENBs and wanted to clarify somethings. First, I'm thinking about trying out VandB ENB and NLA. From reading the SRLE guide and some other discussions about ENBs, this is the procedure that I think is correct. Taking VandB as the example,


  1. In ENB manager, I'll need to add d3d9 and enbhost from the 262 enb binary.
  2. Create a new config and then add enbseries (folder), enbseries.ini and enblocal.ini from the, now extracted, VandB zip file. Can I use the personalized enblocal that was made while setting up SRLE?
  3. In MO, disable Vividian - Weather and Lighting Enhancement and Vividian ENB Merge.
  4. Install the 2 mindflux patches in MO, preferably right after the Vividian files.
  5. Install the COT Weather Patch (or can I leave Vividian ENB - Extended Weathers activated?)

Did I miss anything? Should I leave Enhanced Lighting for ENB enabled?

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If you are referring to this ENB Manager, then here is the minimum necessary procedure.


For ENB binary files you just need to add it on it's own into the ENB Manager ENB Version section and name it appropriately, example 0.279 or 0.108. No other files should be used there.


For the rest of the files use the Files section. Add all the ENB files here such as enbhost.exe, the .fx files, the .ini files as well as required game mods such as the Particle Patch by mindflux. It can install mods as easily as any other mod manager, not restricted to ENBSeries files only.


I suggest including a .ini file with the presets name in it to better see which file you had last active in the skyrim folder.



This is my current setup;



You can have the ENB Manager run in MO and install for instance the Mindflux Patch and other required mods for a particular preset in there.

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