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I recently installed STEP Extended, and wanted to layer some packs on top of it.


Do I load the mods from packs right after STEP Extended in the left pane, or should I reorder everything?  If so, how so?  Should I follow the same general order as in the STEP guide?






Conflicting Graphics

Landscape & Environment

Characters & Creatures

Clothing & Equipment

Animations & Effects

Clutter & Misc






Would this install order be reasonable?  


STEP Extended

Weather and Lighting


Modular Morrowloot Overhaul

      Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance

      Delevelled Loot

      Dovahkiin Reborn


(the last three packs will be partial installs)

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I generally place lighting mods toward the bottom of the install order so the lighting changes override any "vanilla" lighting from mods higher in the install order, and REGS adds a lot of new towns/villages and modifications to existing towns and villages.


In the big scheme of things, it doesn't really make much difference provided none of the mods below the lighting/ENB mods override the changes in the lighting mods.

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