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  1. Approved for STEP Core, huh? I was under the impression that STEP discouraged highly scripted mods. . .
  2. Install order is the order of your mods in the left pane. I have been using MO's functionality to sort those (after personally sorting my texture mods), and it seems to work fine. It doesn't seem to reorder any of my installs that are solely textures or meshes.
  3. I actually tried out Disparity. I was againt it at first, b/c I feel having to access an MCM is jarring, but I really missed the class system from prior games. That's Racist kind of got me using racials again, but I often can't be bothered to remember; I'll probably appreciate that their passive in Disparity. I'll keep on trying it out.
  4. I'm still firmly on the fence. I'll do up profiles with DynDOLOD, one with this and one without, and do a circuit of Skyrim while recording. I can't put an ETA on it yet. EDIT: I've recorded some footage w/o SLO, and I just finished setting up the DynDOLOD for a profile with it. I'll take some footage of areas I know are affected soon. I've never edited video before, and I'm entering finals week, so I dunno when I'll be able to post.
  5. Like a Unique Landscapes pack from Oblivion, but for Skyrim. With the scope of it's edits, it's natural to find incompatibilities with some mods editing exteriors. However, even with some weirdness here or there, like snow drifts that are floating on one side, it feels unnaturally barren now when I disable this mod (especially since I added DynDOLOD).
  6. D'oh! I checked the forums and articles tab, but not there. EDIT: I used the two examples to try to compile one big, fat merge. I left out AoS and RWT, b/c I had too many patches dependent upon them. I also had to renumber conflicting IDs (got errors when I kept all IDs), was concerned the patches would reference the wrong IDs. Finally, I added my preferred music files in. Here's what I got to merge w/o errors in TES5Edit afterwards: However, once in-game, I noticed aberrations in the skyline. I have screenshots here of what I'm talking about while looking to the sky with FoV set to 90 and 180. Is there something I should have done differently before I merged the files?
  7. I've been using this for a while. The changes aren't well documented, so it's been hard to check changes in-game. I'll admit that it does look great, especially with DynDOLOD. There are a lot of changes around the Whiterun exterior, and it conflicts with Elysium Estate, and a very little with the Whiterun Exterior portion of ETaC. Nothing that couldn't be taken care of quickly by a CK wizard or some disabled commands.
  8. I came across some instructions on how to merge this pack earlier, but can't find them now. Does anyone have a process by which I can merge the files from the mod? I'm soo close now; I'm down to only 258 active plugins.
  9. I must be the minority, but I'm keeping a wide berth from Immersive Citizens. I've had so much trouble getting Skyrim stable, and Immersive Citizens just has too many moving parts, you know? I prefer the beauty of a full REGS install. That's neither here nor there, though.
  10. I was wondering if anyone had tried either of the following, or if there was any information on how they might interact with a STEP setup: Fortify Weapon Block Vendor Sale Delay - GONE
  11. There's another mod doing the same thing for all DLC worldspaces + Falskaar/Wyrmstooth. DLC World Map Zoom Height and Pitch Tweak. I assume it would be okay to merge these. It should be noted that the author insists that this mod be loaded DEAD LAST.
  12. Is there a write-up on your patches? I had some questions. What's the difference between "710 Skyrim Immersive Creatures - ETaC Patch.esp" and "720 Skyrim Immersive Creatures - ETaC Patch.esp?" Are patches 760 & 770 for the base version of HLE, or the SIC version? If, for example, I used STEP Extended, SIC, and HLE, would I need to enable both 760 and 770?
  13. The remaining record after dreadflopp's instructions was 0300A30C - WPNBoltVsFleshImpact.
  14. Thank you. I think I've got it; been using xEdit and making custom patches for years now. I managed to work out the issues with my edited STEP Extended patch; there was one record that wasn't covered by the instructions I was using. I'm still getting errors from DynDOLOD. "Error in unit 'process' on line 780: Missing operator or semicolon." Google-fu brought me to one of the earlier pages in this thread, and it was stated that this was caused by SFO. I was trying to use v2.3, so I switched back to v1.87 to no avail. I am trying to layer the REGS and WaL packs on top of STEP Extended, as was recommended here. I've merged the ETaC files and patches (which I've detailed here; I got it down to 4 esps: ETaC, ETaC Patches, Imm. Set., Imm. Set. Patches; no errors). DynDOLOD seems to be bothered by my merge of the Immersive Settlements Patches. Is there something I'm missing?
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