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I think I made a big error during the conflict resolution step


Hi, first I want to say thanks to Neovalen and anyone else who has help put this guide together and who helps out in the support forum. This is the first extensive overhaul of a game I've ever done and for the most part it's been a very easy to follow and understand guide; any questions or problems that have arisen during the process the answers were already here in the support forum.


Now my problem is this, when I got to the conflict resolution step I opted for the premade patch. I then skipped down to the final steps section. As I was reading the "Sort Masters" instruction I took it to be only for people who had made the .esp file themselves and I went directly to the "Add Bash Tags" step. When I went back into MO I noticed the problems flag at the top was lit and the overwrite folder now had files in it. I thought to myself "Oh that's not good I guess I should have done that first step." So I deleted the SR Conflict Resolution mod and the contents of the overwrite folder intending to go back to the "Sort Masters" instruction. I reinstalled the SR Conflict Resolution mod and then went into TES5edit and got a failure to load modules error concerning RSkyrimchildren.esm not loading. I went back into MO figuring I had accidentally disabled the RS Children Merged mod but I hadn't. MO is also telling me that Cloaks.esp and aMidianborn_ContentAddon.esp are disabled but as far as I can see everything that should be enabled is. Should I just uninstall and reinstall those specific mods, is there an easier fix, or am I going to have to start from scratch because of the mod interdependencies? Anyway thank you in advance for any help.

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I don't think you need to start from scratch.  Just re install the mods that you messed up.  They aren't that interdependent.


Sometimes I also found that uninstalling and reinstalling mods, the esp doesn't end up checked in the bottom right window and you have to check them manually.


Anyway retrace your steps and redo all the stuff you think you got wrong. 

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